sysupgrade is broken

Luiz Angelo Daros de Luca luizluca at
Wed Feb 21 18:24:35 PST 2024

> On 21.02.2024 20:52, e9hack wrote:
> > root at WLAN-DSL9:~# sysupgrade -b /var/config-backup.tar.gz
> > Wed Feb 21 20:48:30 CET 2024 upgrade: Saving config files...
> > tar: var/dhcp.leases: No such file or directory
> > tar: var/lib/logrotate.status: No such file or directory
> > tar: var/log/logrotate.log: No such file or directory
> > tar: error exit delayed from previous errors
> > Failed to create the configuration backup.
> I can reproduce that. The problem is caused by:
> mount -t overlay overlay -o lowerdir=/,upperdir="$tmp/upper",workdir="$tmp/work" "$dir"
> Apparently lowerdir=/ doesn't work as I expected. In $dir I can see
> squashfs + overlay changes but I don't see mounts.
> root at OpenWrt:/# ls -l $dir/tmp/
> root at OpenWrt:/# ls -l $dir/rom/
> -rw-r--r--    1 root     root           116 Feb 19 12:53 note
> root at OpenWrt:/# ls -l $dir/dev/
> crw-------    1 root     root        5,   1 Feb 19 12:53 console
> I'm not sure if there is an easy way to solve that. Anyone?

Easy as "a overlay fs option to follow mounted subfilesystems"? Sorry,
AFAIK, no.

I commented earlier today in github

In summary, you can overlay every mounted filesystem. Alternatively,
you can change the strategy and only overlay the leaf directory you
actually need to modify, exclude them from main backup and append the
overlay contents.



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