sysupgrade is broken

e9hack e9hack at
Wed Feb 21 11:52:16 PST 2024


sysupgrade is broken since

commit 4fa9aaf0bed984d200b3c48d1cc81fca7847c394
base-files: sysupgrade: always setup overlay when creating backup

If /etc/sysupgrade.conf contains files from /var/..., sysugrade does stop with network down.

If I execute sysupgrade -b /tmp/config-backup.tar.gz, sysuggrade complains about existing files from /var/... and doesn't generate backup:

root at WLAN-DSL9:~# sysupgrade -b /var/config-backup.tar.gz
Wed Feb 21 20:48:30 CET 2024 upgrade: Saving config files...
tar: var/dhcp.leases: No such file or directory
tar: var/lib/logrotate.status: No such file or directory
tar: var/log/logrotate.log: No such file or directory
tar: error exit delayed from previous errors
Failed to create the configuration backup.

All three files does exist.


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