OpenWRT for my tp-link EX510 AX3000 Dual Band Wi-Fi 6 Router?

Felix Baumann felix.baumann at
Sat Feb 17 02:26:05 PST 2024

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I just saw your mail from last year (22nd of march)
No your EX510 is not supported.
Look here: <>
No firmware available

It appears the device is not sold worldwide so noone else worked on adding support for it.
It might be similar to a TP-Link AX53 (just branded under a different name) but noone can know for sure without taking a look at the device.

We don't know which processor is running in the device which is necessary to know whether its supportable.
If it's close to a HX510 v1 then it's probably Qualcomm-based (Currently unsupported, might be in the future). HX510 v2 is Mediatek based, I think. 
There is no firmware online available for download (atleast I couldn't find any).
There are also no pictures of the board/the inside of the device.
TP-Link doesn't offer GPL firmware for it online, you would have to follow the instructions on your GPL notice and receive a copy of the firmware and share it with devs on the OpenWrt forum (probably you have to send TP-Link an email and receive a CD or download link). Even then devs would need hw access to such a device to implement support.

It might never receive support unless you put in the work yourself. It doesn't sound like you ever did such a thing in the past, so it's very unlikely.


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