[PATCH] base-files: sysupgrade: include uci-defaults script disabling services

Rafał Miłecki zajec5 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 15 06:42:32 PST 2024

On 14.02.2024 21:50, Paul D wrote:
> Would services not do better to be tracked within uci and its config files in /etc/config?

Well, it's a part of a mess we have in our init/config code. It was only
last week that Jo was discussing it with Ansuel. In short we have:
1. Packages with no UCI config option for enabling/disabling
2. Packages with "enable"
3. Packages with "enabled"
4. Packages with "disable"
5. Packages with "disabled"

I'm pretty sure most users are used to enabling/disabling services
using UCI config option but not all of them have such possibility. That
is the case my change is meant to deal with.

An alternative would be to make sure every package uses "enabled" (or
"disabled") UCI option. Should we do that?

> Or do changes to those files there risk triggering other procd actions to the services they dictate?

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