qca-wireless: ipq50xx: ipq5018: add bdf for ikuai sw8

Stefan Lippers-Hollmann s.l-h at gmx.de
Wed Feb 7 22:11:44 PST 2024


[this equally applies to all the posted bdf additions for this device]

On 2024-02-07, Isaev Ruslan wrote:
> This is second bdf for the device: ikuai sw8
> This one is for ipq5018 chip (stock fw: bdwlan.b24)

Given that ipq50xx support is not merged into OpenWrt yet, nor expected
to be merged within months (I'm not aware of anyone actively working on
qualcommax/ipq50xx for OpenWrt), wouldn't it make more sense
to approach kvalo to merge it upstream via QCA/ linux-firmware? Once
it is available there, adding it to the ipq-wifi packaging would be
straight forward as part of the subtarget/ device support patches.

In general, ipq-wifi is only understood as a stopgap measure, to
provide the board data files before they're available via
linux-fimware (which may take weeks or months), but in this case I'm
not seeing ipq50xx as a whole to become available in OpenWrt any time
soon (at least multiple months, if someone were to actively work on
getting the subtarget merged), so that will give it the time needed
to get available via linux-firmware. At least these files should be
submitted to kvalo first, if they haven't been merged to linux-firmware
by the time OpenWrt is about to get qualcommax/ipq50xx and sw8, this
could be revisited, of course.

Just at this point I don't see any reason to take these files into
ipq-wifi, as long as it is completely unclear if the whole subtarget
or the device in question will ever be supported by OpenWrt.

Disclaimer: Obviously I'm not an OpenWrt developer and can't for the
project in any way. so take this as my personal suggestion for an ideal
way forward.

	Stefan Lippers-Hollmann

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