Linux kernel 6.1 or 6.6 for OpenWrt 24.x release?

Elliott Mitchell ehem+openwrt at
Sat Feb 3 11:21:45 PST 2024

On Sat, Feb 03, 2024 at 01:06:13PM +0100, Hauke Mehrtens wrote:
> Which kernel should we use for the next major OpenWrt release?
> We have two options and I would like to get some feedback on these:

Unless it turns out there is a pattern of people in favor of 6.1 needing
longer to respond, there seems to be a consensus on 6.6.

Since this means the main branch will likely be moving to 6.6 soon, I
would like to point back to this message:

After a few versions, `git blame` on the configuration files should
become rather more valuable.  This could be automated with the use of
Perl and some of Git's interesting functionality.

I would like to see this done for *everything* all in one go.  Problem is
with the current system, configuration files are constantly appearing and
disappearing.  This is a nightmare for trying to change default options
(such as target/linux/generic currently has CONFIG_HW_RANDOM=n).

As such I would suggest the copy step should be done for *all* devices
at the same time.  The changing of the default could then rebase onto
the intermediate commit to ensure coverage of everything.  It is much
simpler to handle conflicts when particular devices decide to delete
older configurations.

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