Linux kernel 6.1 or 6.6 for OpenWrt 24.x release?

Janusz Dziedzic janusz.dziedzic at
Sat Feb 3 09:53:25 PST 2024

sob., 3 lut 2024 o 13:08 Hauke Mehrtens <hauke at> napisał(a):
> Hi,
> I track the status of the Linux kernel 6.1 migration in this github
> issue:
> There are still many targets on kernel 5.15 without testing support for
> kernel 6.1 in OpenWrt master. I assume that we need at least 4 months to
> get everything to 6.1 and more or less stable. Kernel 6.1 support is
> also missing for some important targets like lantiq, realtek and ramips.
> Which kernel should we use for the next major OpenWrt release?
> We have two options and I would like to get some feedback on these:
> 1. Do the OpenWrt 24.X release with kernel 6.1. Branch off when all or
> most of the targets are on kernel 6.1 by default.
> 2. Do the OpenWrt 24.X release with kernel 6.6. Branch off when all or
> most of the targets are on kernel 6.6 by default. Do not do any stable
> OpenWrt release which supports kernel 6.1.
> Doing a OpenWrt release with multiple kernels cases too much maintenance
> effort from my point of view based on previews experience.
> I think with kernel 6.1 we can branch off at around May 2024. With
> kernel 6.6 we could probably branch off around September 2024. The final
> release will be out about 2 to 4 months later.
> Currently OpenWrt releases are about 1.5 years behind the Linux LTS
> releases. When we use kernel 6.1 for the next release we will continue
> to stay 1.5 years behind. When we switch to kernel 6.6 and do not do any
> release with kernel 6.1 we will probably only stay 10 months behind
> Linux LTS kernels.
> There is already a PR requiring kernel 6.6:
> Currently I would prefer to use kernel 6.6 to get closer to the recent
> Linux LTS releases.

6.6 for sure if possible.

Just curious - any reason to not support both or even 5.15? And target
could decide about it in mk?
Eg. newest ATH/QCA that base a lot on newest kernel and backports just
could choose it?
For older one we already have work done - so just change generic
patches directory into generic-kernel_ver?
Or this is more work and problems?


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