Adding a new x86 image or related packages to the default x86 image

Paul Spooren mail at
Thu Sep 14 07:01:04 PDT 2023


I’d like to merge the PR which adds the Mellanox Spectrum SN2100 to OpenWrt[1]. In its current state a new x86 image would be added next to the generic x86 image. Another approach is to add all related packages to the default image. Either way creates a working image.

I remember that people were complaining about a “bloated” x86 image which slows down their container/VM needs. So what would be a simple way forward here?

Just defining the packages without adding a pre-selection of them to work on the Mellanox doesn’t strike me as a nice solution since it wouldn’t create a “out of the box” installable image.

Thanks for comments,


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