Implementing bluetooth speakers on OpenWrt?

André Valentin a.valentin at
Mon Sep 4 22:06:12 PDT 2023

Hi Russel,

I already did that. There are some problems, you need to address.
-Authentication of device
-Initialization of sound card

I still have some patches for that I can forward to you. But at the end, the best solution was using snapcast as a central server and for the clients and librespot as a player connection to spotify.
snapcast can also sync playback so you can use multiple devices.

Kind regards,


Am 04.09.23 um 22:15 schrieb Russell Senior:
> Hi,
> Has anyone implemented bluetooth speakers on OpenWrt? I am fiddling
> with playing Spotify/Pandora from a phone (android or iOS) to an
> OpenWrt device with a USB audio device plugged in and the
> out-of-the-box configuration doesn't seem to work.
> Any pointers are welcome. Thanks!

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