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> Thank you for your response. I appreciate your guidance. I am interested
> in working on this and would like to get started. However, I'm not very
> experienced with hardware hacking, so I could use some more specific
> instructions or resources to help me get started.
> Could you provide more details on how to access the UART on this device
> or point me to any documentation or resources that might be useful for
> this task? Additionally, if there are any specific steps or precautions
> I should be aware of, I would greatly appreciate your insights.

We are always in shortage of developers so just get to it :)

Some electronics and soldering is needed. For this you need
support from local enthusiasts because people can't really help
with hands-on remotely.

Locating serial ports:
See section "Finding Serial Console".

Developing OpenWrt:

On the OFTC IRC network, there is the channel #openwrt-devel where
you can chat to get help with misc stuff.

Linus Walleij

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