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why is it not feasible to add a hack/patch, actually the suggested one in this thread:

Yes, it is not accepted by the kernel maintainers and yes, it keeps the unwanted or undesirable behaviour of flooding that the changes in dsa should try to avoid. But that should not keep the xrx200 based devices from continuing to work with 5.15 based openwrt.

The patch in the link above worked for me, I changed the line to 1344 and replaced max_ports with cpu_port. Then the error messages are gone and I guess the flooding still appears.

If you look at the thread above, it looks like a tremendous amount of work that needs to be done to implement it properly. How long will that take by people doing it as a hobby and having other things in life, 2 years?!


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On 5/3/23 02:53, Alexander 'lynxis' Couzens wrote:

> what are the problems with lantiq 5.15?
There are some issues with the fdb entries:
> lantiq_gswip driver (e.g.: gswip 1e108000.switch: port 4 failed to add 
> vid 1 to fdb: -22)
Ansuel describes here why this is so bad:


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