Mark lantiq and omap as source only

Nick vincent at
Thu May 4 13:12:36 PDT 2023

On 5/4/23 17:51, Stijn Segers wrote:
> Hi,
> Robert Marko <robimarko at> schreef op 3 mei 2023 11:21:32 CEST:
>> On Wed, 3 May 2023 at 11:08, Nick <vincent at> wrote:
>>> I would also love to see a release. It is now already delayed more than
>>> a month [0] (actual branching should be happening end of march).
>>> However, I don't have a strong opinion on this. It's sad that lantiq
>>> targets could be dropped. I will also try to fetch me some lantiq device
>>> from somewhere to support fixing the fdb issues and re-adding it back to
>>> 23.X or fixing it before the branch.
>> I would also really like a new release to branch off sooner rather than later,
>> there has been plenty of time for all targets to stabilize on 5.15.
> I fully agree. Seems source-only is the jolt that omap and lantiq need (I know the latter is a popular target).
> Lots of people pining for 6.1 support in main etc, so let's branch that baby so we can move on.
> Stijn

I wanted to do some cleanup (removing 5.10 completely) so we can soon 

However, if we still keep omap and ath25 around without bumping them to 
5.15, build will give warnings in the form of:

> /home/nick/openwrt/include/ *** Missing kernel 
> version/hash file for 5.10. Please create 
> /home/nick/openwrt/include/kernel-5.10.  Stop.

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