OpenWrt vs Defense positions

Peter Naulls peter at
Tue May 2 06:34:01 PDT 2023

On 5/2/23 09:31, Enrico Mioso wrote:
> On Tue, May 02, 2023 at 09:24:52AM -0400, Peter Naulls wrote:
>> On 5/2/23 07:26, Enrico Mioso wrote:

>>> Another impression I have, is that the OpenWrt project is very important for many yet under-resourced.
>>> There are some important tasks that would help with the long-term maintenance (e.g. merging of the mtk_nand for mt7621 and the upstrema one, if at all possible), which require time and highly motivated person to carry on.
>> I was that person, but at this point, the upstream m7621 NAND driver works
>> correctly, *except* when the MMC is also enabled. The mtk_nand driver is
>> very old and I did get it to run correctly for reads under current kernel,
>> but it
>> didn't seem to have any further value here, and many obvious faults - see my
>> discussion on this a few months back.  If there's specific work you know of
>> here, I'd be very interested.
> Thanks for your reply.
> No, I don't know wether work is ongoing on that at the moment, sorry.

Yes, but there must have been some issue that caused this comment - is there 
some backstory here?

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