OpenWrt vs Defense positions

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Mon May 1 13:42:59 PDT 2023

This is one of those uncomfortable situations. From where I sit (in
the USA), Germany is viewed as an ally. There is a big shutdown of
imports from China and Russia going on here; that also applies to
software. In the embedded world, OpenWrt is a world leader here, with
a reputation for quality and security second to none (except for the
far-too-long tail of folk using obsolete versions).

How a ragtag bunch of unincorporated (mostly?) peacenik hippie types
can co-exist with devices being built by militaries out of this stuff
I have few ideas. I prefer to shrink the world, and produce stable,
secure, software, for everyone that wants it, but I look at the
contentious places where it also goes (like space, or spacex) and
wonder how it will all end up, and who will maintain it, improve it,
or attempt to subvert it.

To me, all the tools we build, all the code we write, is best used to
create and maintain essential infrastructure, not tear it down.

On Mon, May 1, 2023 at 12:31 PM Peter Naulls <peter at> wrote:
> For those of you who track the small but very real OpenWrt job market, you may
> have seen there's a creep into Defense/Clearance jobs. Here's but one example:
> As a self-declared pacifist (and anyway, dual citizen which would limit my
> ability to get clearance), this is most certainly not for me, but I thought it
> should be something you guys might want to be aware of.
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