GitHub Actions usage on OpenWRT/LEDE main/master

Stefan Kalscheuer stefan at
Mon Jun 26 11:02:24 PDT 2023

>> I don't see a real benefit running all this stuff 4 times. Beside the
>> eco aspect, that simply utilizes quite a few runners, so a new/updated
>> PR sometimes takes an hour before the tasks get picked up and start running.
> Can we list the 4 times?
> - Currently it's on openwrt one per pr and when a push is done.
> - Also in LEDE mirror, it's again one
> So it's 2 that should be reduced to 1.

Sorry, you are absolutely right, it's 2 not 4.

main/master just share the same commits, so GitHub's UI shows the jobs 
on both branches - but it's the very same set of pipelines. My bad.
Leaving the LEDE mirror with the same behavior.

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