armvirt -> armsr target rename [Was: Re: EFI / SystemReady support for OpenWrt on arm64]

Petr Štetiar ynezz at
Fri Jun 9 00:23:27 PDT 2023


FYI there is an ongoing effort[1] to rename armvirt target to armsr (Arm SystemReady)

 armvirt/32 becomes armsr/armv7 (title: 32-bit (armv7) machines)
 armvirt/64 becomes armsr/armv8 (title: 64-bit (armv8) machines)

 BOARDNAME:=Arm SystemReady compliant (EFI)

armv7/armv8 subtarget seems like a good fit for possibly upcoming armv9.
Should you've any objections or better ideas, please speak now otherwise I'm
going to merge this during a weekend, there is a plan[2] already to backport
this new naming scheme into the 23.05 as well.




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