Matter integration

Karsten Sperling ksperling at
Thu Jul 27 14:11:10 PDT 2023


I’m part of an effort by the Connectivity Standards Alliance to bring support for routers and access points into Matter.  Matter is an open-source connectivity standard built to enable developers and device manufacturers to build reliable and secure connected home devices [1][2].

In this context we’re working on a reference implementation for Matter-enabled routers / access points, which will be taking the form of an OpenWRT feed.  Development on this has recently started at  We’re using OpenWRT as a platform because of its open nature and great hardware support.  I wanted to reach out to make the OpenWRT developer community aware of this effort, and to invite you to collaborate with us if you’re interested.

On a more concrete level, I would also like to ask for support for this small PR on OpenWRT I’ve opened here:

The cross-platform nature of the Matter SDK combined with the fact that it uses git sub-modules for dependency management results in the repo having a LOT of sub-modules (about 70 direct, 130 total), only 4 of which are needed when building within OpenWRT. Getting this PR merged would help us to get the Matter SDK and related software to build cleanly under OpenWRT.


[1] <>

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