[PATCH] system-notification: initial checkin

Florian Eckert fe at dev.tdt.de
Thu Jul 20 23:27:19 PDT 2023

Hello Enrico,

Thanks for your feedback!

> I think the idea can be nice, however I would like to make sure that
> thismechanism can be ignored by an admin with no consequences.

This is only informative. I see this especially in connection with the 
So that events that happens on the system can be displayed.
I already have a small app for this [1].

> Is this the case? In other words - if I store 20 messages with maximum
> allowed amount of text in all strings, how much data am I storing?

There is currently only the restriction that the number of messages is 
limited to 20.
This can be reduced or increased. I can't say how much memory this takes 
I haven't thought about that yet. We can also limit this, so that the 
may only have a certain length

> Furthermore, I suggest calling both the rpcd plugin and the
> user-facing script with the same name.

That is indirectly the case. The script is called 'system-notification' 
and the
ubus backend is called 'system.notification'. I didn't want to call it 
'notification' now, because it might already be taken. The name 
'notification' is very common.

> And - di I miss it or you can not actually create a notification from
> the user-facing script? Why not implement that as well?

I have deliberately not implemented this, because I am not sure how to 
do it,
as the message can become relatively long. The creation of the 
will probably be the system via a bus call.


Florian Eckert


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