mips: Make mips64 n32/o32 userland possible or remove support completely

Jeffery To jeffery.to at gmail.com
Mon Jul 17 23:36:52 PDT 2023


I've been looking into platform triplets for Python and figuring out
the possible combinations. This has led me to trying to compile images
of the possible combinations for testing.

As a result, I've been trying to compile malta/be64 with n32/o32
userland. I haven't been successful so far but before trying to fix
all the issues, I wanted to take a step back and ask a more general

I see there is the option to select mips64 ABI in toolchain/Config.in.
On the other hand, there are commits like 46af22de16b2 ("kernel:
Remove CONFIG_COMPAT") and 38666e8ae42d ("malta: Deactivate MIPS O32
and N32 support") (and also the recent discussion with amd64 x32

Is there a preference to make n32/o32 userland optional/possible, and
so I should continue trying to get it to work? Or is the preference to
remove support completely, so I should submit patches to do so?


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