mt7621 GPIO mapping mystery

Lukas Zeller luz at
Sat Jan 21 13:42:32 PST 2023

Hi Tomasz,

thanks a lot for that hint to dtbocfg and the makefile!

> On 21 Jan 2023, at 17:27, Tomasz Maciej Nowak <tmn505 at> wrote:
> [...]
> W dniu 21.01.2023 o 16:33, Lukas Zeller pisze:
>> So basically, I'm suggesting to revisit the decision to reject the patch from Daniel Golle [1].
> Instead of doing it the hard way of patching, why not using out-of-tree kernel
> module[2] for loading dtb overlay with configfs? It already exists for some
> time.

That really looks like a great solution with all advantages combined!

I agree this is better than patching, I just did not realize it was possible at all to modularize dt overlay functionality this way.

> [...] Unfortunately I didn't test it, as the board I wanted to use it has gone
> in flames. For ready to use recipe see the attachment. Feel free to submit it
> to packages feed and take over maintainership after giving it a test.

I will certainly try that, as soon as I find some time for it, but that's not likely to happen before ~March, unfortunately...

> [...]
> 2.

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