[PATCH v2] ramips: add support for D-Link DAP-X1860 A1

Sebastian Schaper mail at sebastianschaper.net
Sat Jan 7 04:35:25 PST 2023

On 01/07/23 13:04 David Bauer wrote:
> Considering we have 50 MB of firmware space available, enlarging the
> space allocated for the kernel to 8M has the potential of avoiding pain
> down the line if the kernel exceeds 4M in size.

Hi David,
I thought the same initially (c.f. v1 mail), but then went for 4096K as 
it was used by more devices.
8192K would feel like just delaying the issue in some way, but with a 
newly-added device it's probably better for now.
Building an image with 8192K for testing.


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