Call for help with maintainance

Paul Spooren mail at
Wed Aug 9 15:36:00 PDT 2023

Hey all,

some long time ago I attended a Google Summer of Code and created this service som may know called Essentially it’s an API for OpenWrt ImageBuilders. Instead of downloading them and its dependencies, you request a firmware image by specifying version, installed packages and some more settings and get a freshly baked image.

This is nice for services like the or when you want to upgrade your device to the latest release (or snapshot) without taking care of reinstalling all the packages. It’s working fine most of the time and managed to create and distribute some 40k firmware images in the last three month alone.

While this is nice, there are some more things to take care of for which I don’t always find the time for. I’d be great if someone with (basic) Python knowledge could help out with the project and polish some corners. Essentially it’s just a combination of Flask and rq, spiced with some podman API calls.

Would be great if someone could join the work. I keep receiving all these friendly messages how great of a tool it is, so it’s a fairly rewarding thing to spent your time on.

I don’t plan to sunset this thing, it’d just be nice to have another person taking care of code with me.


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