Packaging ZFS

Luiz Angelo Daros de Luca luizluca at
Tue Aug 8 14:14:37 PDT 2023

> Thanks, Alberto.  I'm wondering how much work making it cross-build packages is going to be...
> Digging into it now...

You should take a look at ksmbd package. It does compile an out-of-tree module.

Maintaining a package like that might be challenging for a stable
version. The kernel in the stable branch might receive updates during
its life but they are only published when a dot version ( is
actually released.
However, packages are rebuilt as they are changed using the current
kernel in the stable branch. So, to build your module with a kernel
that will actually be published. you can only update a package with a
kernel module when you know the kernel in the stable branch is the one
that will be used by the next dot release. This "window of
opportunity" happens a little before or after the dot release is
built. Once the kernel is updated again, that window is closed. And
that updated kernel module will only be compatible with that specific
dot version, and not with any other dot version before or after it.



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