[PATCH] x86/c3000: Add Intel SoC C3000 series

Petr Štetiar ynezz at true.cz
Thu Sep 22 10:09:07 PDT 2022

Lu, JialeX <jialex.lu at intel.com> [2022-06-24 10:11:40]:


>   1.	X64 is too broad to cover all platform varieties.

IMO this patch doesn't contain anything special.

> 2.	Intel C3000 is a Network SoC, with integration of QAT (QuickAssist
> engine for crypto & compression) and NICs in addition to x86. More
> expandability with richer I/O. 

We're not able to consider those features during review, unless you actually
submit support for those features.

> 3.	At device level, C3000 h/w design and ODM/OEM ecosystem are different from generic x86 platform like Core and Celeron. 

See above.

> 4.	C3000 support team is fully committed to enable technology innovation around OpenWRT ecosystem.

Glad to hear that! BTW it's OpenWrt.

> 5.           We want to keep some C3000 features on the subtarget. Some X86
> openwrt is  Soft-routing. We don't want our changes to affect these
> Soft-routing. 

Honestly this is very abstract, lets submit the patches and lets see what we
can do about it.

Looking forward to v2!



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