[PATCH] kernel/crypto: fix crypto-lib-curve25519 x86_64 build

Petr Štetiar ynezz at true.cz
Thu Sep 22 09:37:19 PDT 2022

Florian Eckert <fe at dev.tdt.de> [2022-07-22 09:28:42]:


> This is a x86_64 architecture with 4 Atoms CPUs. I have added a new target
> (mxl) and subtarget (lgm) with $(ARCH) x86_64.

the question is, why are you doing it that way[1]? IMO it would be better to
discuss this together in one go when (even partial) support for this target is
submitted for review.

1. https://patchwork.ozlabs.org/project/openwrt/patch/20220624084233.497248-1-jialex.lu@intel.com/



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