Add SoB tag to hack patches on generic target

Thibaut hacks at
Tue Sep 20 04:33:28 PDT 2022


> Le 20 sept. 2022 à 12:56, Ansuel Smith <ansuelsmth at> a écrit :
> Hi,
> we are trying to improve the situation about the hack patch
> for the generic target.
> Currently it's a mess... no header, extra old patch not needed,
> patch with no sob tag.
> Some user [1] are trying to improve the situation and checked
> all the changes done to a specific patch and added the related
> SoB tag.
> I have some concern about adding arbitrary SoB tag without
> clear permission of the developer.

IMHO that (getting clear permission) would be an absolute minimum. Baring that, such a change should be NACK’d.
Adding arbitrary SoB without clearing with author is a big no-no I believe.

> So I'm asking here for some feedback/ideas on how to solve this
> and eventually for permission for adding the SoB tag.
> Can we assume that the one that made the change also take
> responsibility for the patch? (following this rule, we should be
> able to add the SoB and merge the proposed changes)

Looking at

The SoB has more meaning than « I take responsibility ». The problem is that we may have accepted in the past patches that don’t validate these SoB requirements, in which case I believe at the very least no SoB should be added, and if push comes to shove the patch should be dropped if there is no hope of tracking it down.

My 2c.

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