DSA Mini-tutorial still marked as Work In Progress

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Fri Sep 9 00:10:14 PDT 2022

Jo-Philipp Wich <jo at mein.io> wrote:
    > Bluntly speaking, DSA is the thing that gives you one Linux network
    > device per switch port and bridge VLAN filtering is the stuff that
    > allows you declaring swconfig-esque VLAN port groups on top of an
    > arbitrary bridge interface.


    > Another conceptual issue I see is that people came to expect a
    > dedicated "switch" configuration ui which is something that does not
    > really work with DSA devices anymore since there is no dedicated switch
    > hardware entity to interact with anymore (DSA takes care of completely
    > abstracting this away from the user point of view) and that
    > bridge-vlans just happen to be a configuration detail of a bridge, and
    > that there happens to be a bridge "br-lan" by default, but a system
    > could have multiple bridges, or none at all.

    > So we should also explain why there is no central "switch
    > configuration" anymore and that this does not translate into a loss of
    > functionality, but that the former semi opague swconfig switch
    > configuration entity was dissolved into a bunch of ethernet devices
    > inside a bridge...


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