[PATCH] base-files: Don't enable ULA IPv6 addresses by default in new config

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Thu Sep 8 10:30:15 PDT 2022

>>>>> Baptiste Jonglez <git at bitsofnetworks.org> writes:
    > ULA IPv6 prefixes (Unique Local Addresses, RFC 4193) are not routable
    > on the Internet.  As such, they have very limited use, and enabling
    > them by default causes more problems than it solves:

    > - if an OpenWrt device already has external IPv6 connectivity with
    > globally routable addresses, then ULA addresses are not useful.

That's just not the case.
ULAs are intended to be the IPv6 version of RFC1918, useable for local

Please go read RFC7084.
ULAs are required, and OpenWRT has been a leader here.

I strongly object to this proposal.

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