Basic support for multiple WANs (netifd & default gateway)

Rafał Miłecki zajec5 at
Sat Sep 3 04:00:31 PDT 2022

I have a device with two WAN interfaces. I'm looking for a way to
support them out of the box with some very basic policy.

The simplest scenario: use any of available WANs.
Semi-pro scenario: prefer WAN with lower "metric".

Current behaviour (and problem):
1. "wan1" gets DHCP lease, default gw gets set
2. "wan2" gets DHCP lease, default gw gets overwritten
3. "wan2" goes down, no default gw gets restored

So for the most basic solution we need at least netifd to manage default

Is that something we could add to OpenWrt?

I'm aware of mwan3 but that seems like an overkill for such simple
needs. With all its policies, balancing, monitoring it seems like a tool
for more advanced users. Or am I wrong and it should be used instead?


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