[PATCH] selinux-policy: update to version 1.2.3

Dominick Grift dominick.grift at defensec.nl
Thu May 19 09:50:16 PDT 2022

86ca9c6 devstatus: prints to terminal
95de949 deal with /rom/dev/console label inconsistencies
ab6b6ee uci: hack to deal with potentially mislabeled char files
acf9172 dnsmasq this can't be right
021db5b luci-app-tinyproxy
cf3a9c4 support/secmark: removes duplicate loopback rules
eeb2610 dhcp servers: recv dhcp client packets
d5a5fc3 more support/secmark "fixes"
35d8604 update support secmark
4c155c0 packets these were caused by labeling issues with loopback
fad35a5 nftables reads routing table
f9c5a04 umurmur: kill an mumur instance that does not run as root
10a10c6 mmc stordev make this consistent
ab3ec5b Makefile: sort with LC_ALL=C
b34eaa5 fwenv rules
8c2960f adds rfkill nodedev and some mmc partitions to stordev
5a9ffe9 rcboot runs fwenv with a transition
9954bf6 dnsmasq in case of tcp
ab66468 dnsmasq try this
5bfcb88 dnsmasq stubby not sure why this is happening
863f549 luci not sure why it recv and send server packets
d5cddb0 uhttpd sends sigkill luci cgi
44cc04d stubby: it does not maintain anything in there
db730b4 Adds stubby
ccbcf0e tor simplify network access
a308065 tor basic
a9c0163 znc loose ends
327a9af acme: allow acme_cleanup.sh to restart znc
4015614 basic znc
7ef14a2 support/secmark: clarify some things
3107afe README: todo qrencode
943035a README and secmark doc
4c90937 ttyd: fix that socket leak again
3239adf dnsmasq icmp packets and fix a tty leak issue
b41d38f Makefile: optimize
95d05b1 sandbox dontaudit ttyd leak
0b7d670 rpcd: reads mtu
e754bf1 opkg-lists try this
35fb530 opkg-lists: custom
4328754 opkg try to address mislabeled /tmp/opkg-lists
3e2385c rcnftqos
95eae2d ucode
c86d366 luci diagnostics
e10b443 rpcd packets and wireguard/luci
a25e020 igmpproxt packets
0106f00 luci
dcef79c nftqos related
3c9bc90 related to nft-qos and luci
f8502d4 dnsmasq more related to /usr/lib/dnsmasq/dhcp-script.sh
29a4271 dnsmasq: related to /usr/lib/dnsmasq/dhcp-script.sh
0c5805a some nft-qos
1100b41 adds a label for /tmp/.ujailnoafile
e141a83 initscript: i labeled ujail procd.execfile
a3b0302 Makefile: adds a default target + packets target
6a3f8ef label usign as opkg and label fwtool and sysupgrade
04d1cc7 sysupgrade: i meant don't do the fc spec
763bec0 sysupgrade: dont do /tmp/sysupgrade.img
af2306f adds a failsafe.tmpfile and labels validate_firmware_image
5b15760 fwenv: comment doesnt make sense
370ac3b fwenv: executes shell
67e3fcb fwenv: adds fw_setsys
544d211 adds procd execfile module to label procd related exec files
99d5f13 rclocalconffile: treat /etc/rc.button like /etc/rc.local
4dfd662 label uclient-fetch the same as wget
75d8212 osreleasemiscfile: adds /etc/device_info
0c1f116 adds a rcbuttonconffile for /etc/rc.button (base-files)
ccd23f8 adds a syslog.conffile for /etc/syslog.conf (busybox)
f790600 adds a libattr.conffile for /etc/xattr.conf
fcc028e fwenv: adds fwsys
1255470 xtables: various iptables alternatives
a7c4035 Revert "sqm: runs xtables, so also allow nftables"
0d331c3 sqm: runs xtables, so also allow nftables
f34076b acme: will run nftables in the near future
6217046 allow ssl.read types to read /tmp/etc/ssl/engines.cnf
d0deea3 fixes dns packets
8399efc Revert "sandbox: see if dontauditing this affects things"
73d716a sandbox: see if dontauditing this affects things
b5ee097 sandbox: also allow readinherited dropbear pipes
12ee46b iwinfo traverses /tmp/run/wpa_supplicant
4a4d724 agent.cil: also reads inherited dropbear pipes
d48013f support/secmark: i tightened my dns packet policy
645ad9e dns packets redone
4790b25 dnsnetpacket: fix obj macro template
d9fafff redo dns packets
0a68498 ttyd: leaks a netlink route socket
1d2e6be .gitattributes: remove todo
e1bb954 usbutil: reads bus sysfile symlinks
d275a32 support/secmark: clean it up a little
af5ce12 Makefile: exclude packet types in default make target
3caacdf support/secmark: document tunable/boolean
e3dd3e6 invalidpacketselinuxbool: make it build-time again
54f0ccf odhcpd packet fix
4a864ba contrib/secmark: add a big FAT warning
bead937 contrib/secmark: adds note about secmark support
146ae16 netpacket remove test
2ce9899 dns packets, odhcp6c raw packet, 4123 ntpnts for netnod
070a45f chrony and unbound packets
eba894f rawip socket packets cannot be labeled
656ae0b adds isakmp (500), ipsec-nat-t (4500) and rawip packet types
35325db adds igmp packet type
5cf444c adds icmp packet type
2e41304 sandbox some more packet access for sandbox net
12caad6 packet accesses
b8eb9a8 adds a trunkload of packet types
a42a336 move rules related to invalid netpeers and ipsec associations
a9e40e0 xtables/nftables allow relabelto all packet types
aa5a52c README: adds item to wish list
3a96eec experiment: simple label based packet filtering
26d6f95 nftables reads/writes fw pipes

Signed-off-by: Dominick Grift <dominick.grift at defensec.nl>
 package/system/selinux-policy/Makefile | 4 ++--
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/package/system/selinux-policy/Makefile b/package/system/selinux-policy/Makefile
index 10eff7be57..bcf6b4a3c2 100644
--- a/package/system/selinux-policy/Makefile
+++ b/package/system/selinux-policy/Makefile
@@ -8,8 +8,8 @@ include $(TOPDIR)/rules.mk
 PKG_BUILD_DEPENDS:=secilc/host policycoreutils/host

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