libubox: How to terminate uloop orderly?

Koch, Alexander akoch at
Tue May 17 02:04:13 PDT 2022

Hi openwrt-devel,

I'm writing a small daemon in C that talks to a specific IC and shall offer its
functionality to other OpenWRT components via ubus.

It spawns a separate pthread for all ubus related things, which ends up calling
`uloop_run()`. So far everything works fine and I can see all objects exposed by
my daemon on the bus.

The issue I'm facing now is that I cannot seem to find a way of orderly shutting
down the daemon, as the thread calling `uloop_run()` never returns from it. I've
tried calling `uloop_end()` as well as replacing `uloop_run()` by
`uloop_run_timeout(10)` but that didn't help.

So I'm wondering: what is the correct way to terminate the uloop?

One thing that does seem to work is sending the thread a SIGTERM via
`pthread_kill()`. But that makes `uloop_run()` return a non-zero value (15) and,
as signals are delivered to the entire process, can have side-effects on other
parts of the daemon, so I'd prefer to avoid this method.

Thanks in advance for any hints!

Best regards,


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