[PATCH RFC/RFT] ath10k: use xmit encapsulation offloading

Sergey Ryazanov ryazanov.s.a at gmail.com
Sat May 7 02:21:01 PDT 2022

Hello Oldřich,

On Sat, May 7, 2022 at 9:27 AM Oldřich Jedlička <oldium.pro at gmail.com> wrote:
> .Hi Sergey,
> pá 29. 4. 2022 v 3:36 odesílatel Sergey Ryazanov
> <ryazanov.s.a at gmail.com> napsal:
>> Frame encapsulation from Ethernet into the IEEE 802.11 frame format
>> takes a considerable host CPU time on the xmit path. The firmware is
>> able to do this operation for us, so enable encapsulation offloading for
>> AP and Sta interface types to improve overall system performance.
>> On a QCA9563+QCA9888-based access point in bridged mode, encapsulation
>> offloading increases TCP 16-streams DL throughput from 365 to 396 mbps
>> (+8%) and UDP DL throughput from 436 to 483 mbps (+11%).
>> This change contains a backported series sent upstream [1] and an
>> additional patch that enables encapsulation offloading by default.
>> The new feature has been extensively tested with QCA9888 and works well.
>> Kalle has no objections agains the code, but the lack of tests with
>> other chips prevents it from being merged [1]. So the improvement is
>> still in the RFC/RFT state.
>> Brave testers who would like to improve the performance of their systems
>> and report their results are welcome :)
>> 1. https://lore.kernel.org/ath10k/20220402153615.9593-1-ryazanov.s.a@gmail.com/
> I am using your patch for two days. I am not able to tell whether it
> does anything with regards to speed (I have not done any performance
> tests for comparison), but at least it does not break the internet
> connection, which is good :-)
> Tested on Archer C7 v4 (2x) and v5 (2x), both versions contain QCA9563
> + QCA9880.

Too many thanks for testing it!


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