Unpatched DNS bug affects millions of routers and IoT devices

Jo-Philipp Wich jo at mein.io
Wed May 4 14:50:26 PDT 2022


> The library uClibc and its fork from the OpenWRT team, uClibc-ng. Both
> variants are widely used by major vendors like Netgear, Axis, and
> Linksys, as well as Linux distributions suitable for embedded
> applications.
> [/QUOTE]
> Does it affect my TP-link AC1200 wireless router?

Neither does current OpenWrt use uClibc, not did the OpenWrt team fork uClibc
into uClibc-ng, both projects are completely unaffiliated with OpenWrt.

It likely does not affect your TP-link AC1200 wireless router if it runs one
of the currnetly supported OpenWrt version series 19.07, 21.02 or 22.03.

OpenWrt switched the default libc implementation to musl in June 2015 and
dropped the last remaining ARC-only support for uClibc-ng in December 2020.

Many vendors use proprietary forks based on a very old OpenWrt 15.05 ("Chaos
Calmer") version, which still used uClibc. This version is long EOL though and
not maintained by the OpenWrt project anymore. It is up to the vendors to
provide patches for their OpenWrt based firmware derivates.


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