zabbix: split to variants to enable SSL support review

Šimon Bořek simon.borek at
Mon May 2 10:02:27 PDT 2022


It's been more than a month and half since I proposed variant split
of Zabbix package based on SSL library linked
(which was suggested in related pull request discussion as a better
alternative to changing the default from no SSL support to OpenSSL).

Pull request:

I have tried to alter the package manifest accordingly,
have done some testing and provided the resultant commit for review
(please see the updated commit message describing the changes),
but I haven't received any feedback since. I would be glad if someone
found the time to go through the changes and stated their opinion.

The variant split would allow users to install
Zabbix with SSL support without the need of building
it themselves, while current Zabbix package users and
those whose devices lack the storage space needed to install
OpenSSL or GnuTLS dependencies would be able to continue
using the no-SSL version.

I decided to keep the dependencies stated in the original Makefile which
possibly leads to splitting packages that might not need to be split.
If you find that to be the case and deem the in-Makefile dependency
reduction beneficial, I can of course do some unsplitting.

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