[PATCH] realtek: Fix kernel dependencies on CONFIG_MDIO_SMBUS

Hauke Mehrtens hauke at hauke-m.de
Mon Mar 14 15:53:52 PDT 2022

On 3/14/22 06:56, Birger Koblitz wrote:
> Hi,
> CONFIG_SFP should only depend on CONFIG_MDIO_SMBUS on the RTL93xx platforms.
> This is because only on those platforms there is hardware support for an SMBus
> controller which is used for the MDIO of the SFP ports.
> If we had known about the worning, then we would have tried to fix it by
> making CONFIG_SFP only on the 93xx platforms dependent on CONFIG_MDIO_SMBUS.
> How to do this is however not clear to me.

We should probably remove the dependency to CONFIG_MDIO_SMBUS from 
CONFIG_SFP. This is added in 

You could add the dependency to the CONFIG_I2C_RTL9300 in 


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