Seperating firmware-utils into seperate repo

Joseph Mullally jwmullally at
Sun Mar 13 17:56:32 PDT 2022


firmware-utils was separated from openwrt.git into its own repository
a few months ago:

If it's going to stay separate, it looks like these changes are still needed?
- Release branches matching the main openwrt.git repo. (E.g. To
facilitate firmware bugfixes on older OpenWRT release after any tool
APIs in /master have changed)
- A GitHub mirror (like everything here )
- Update the developer guide with a workflow for adding and testing a
new device involving changes to firmware-utils.git and openwrt.git.
(This is tricky. When recently adding a new device, I built the
changes in openwrt.git once, then manually rebuilt an updated
firmware-util binary, then rebuilt the openwrt.git firmware image. Is
there a proper building the main package and changes to package repos
at the same time? There is also the can of worms w.r.t. people
submitting changes and testing, likely it will need to be handled with
2 concurrent Pull Requests kept open until everything is 100% ready,
in addition to the committers bump of the firmware-utils dependency).

Possibly, but involves a lot of work and complexity:
- Separating the per-device configuration from the C code into CLI
arguments for the image Makefiles (or json files?), so that most new
devices involving them can go back to being added with one atomic
commit to openwrt.git. (see list below, and caveat)

Re: Splitting firmware-utils out so it can be consumed by non-OpenWRT projects
* This seems like the only practical benefit? Specifically, that this
folder can now be consumed directly as a git submodule or package by
another project, instead of copying from
openwrt.git/tools/firmware-utils like in this existing example:
* Vending to 3rd parties implies having a versioning policy to keep
the API stable for all tools after branching from /master to release
branches (i.e. API changes only allowed in /master, and the repo
release branches would be equivalent to Semantic Versioning major
releases). (The planned image tests would also cover this)
* Also, will it decrease the benefit to 3rd parties if all the
model-specific image configuration was separated from these tools and
put back into openwrt.git, and how much of that config should stay in
one repo or the other?

Re: Splitting firmware-utils out so it can be covered under CI/CD tests
* Is there a technical reason for this? (e.g. why not re-run tests on
every openwrt.git commit, or just on changes to
openwrt.git/tools/firmware-utils ?)

Re: Seperating the per-device parameters (openwrt.git) from the base
firmware tool (firmware-utils.git)
* These are the affected files:

Overall, it seems debatable as to whether this particular package
should be split out, or stay in the main repo like before with the
rest of the per-device configuration.

- Joe

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