Moving ipq-wifi to a dedicated repo

Christian Lamparter chunkeey at
Wed Jun 29 14:08:43 PDT 2022

On 28/06/2022 23:41, Ansuel Smith wrote:
> As the title said, it was suggested to move the ipq-wifi package
> board file to a separate repo.

ipq-wifi Makefile is painfully self aware in that regard.

|  20 # This is intended to be used on an interim basis until device-specific
|  21 # board data for new devices is available through the upstream compilation
|  22 #
|  23 # Please send a mail with your device-specific board files upstream.
|  24 # You can find instructions and examples on the linux-wireless wiki:
|  25 # <>

My "go-to" solution was to point people to this notice, provided them with
the example/template and wait for a mail to show up on ath10k-devel before
merging the "new device" PRs. If OpenWrt starts a repo for boardfiles, that
maintainer would be left holding the bag for upstreaming the files themselves.

So in a way, that separate repo exists in Kalle's and the upstream linux-firmware.git

As for moving the eye-sores to a separate repository: If the (group) of
people which suggested the move wants to do it for the duration:
Sure, why not?

If they welcome ideas and random thoughts:

Kalle extended the public/open-source ath10k-bdencoder tool with an
"--add-mbox" (parses mbox/mails) and "--commit" (commit it to a git repo)
options. Maybe this could be of some use?

Yes, this would essentially create one big board-2.bin for each QCAXXXX
variant. But this might not be that bad, because the file can simply be
shipped for all non-upstreamed devices instead of the individual
ipq-wifi-$device packages we have now.


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