Donation for Developers: Easybox 904xdsl - Lantiq XRX200, 512MB ROM, 128MB RAM, Color LCD Screen

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Mon Jun 20 16:08:47 PDT 2022

Because for sure some developers are not following the openwrt forum all the time, here is a copy of my forum post from here:

A special offer for OpenWrt developers in europe: Free Lantiq XRX200 Router with huge 512MB ROM, 128MB RAM, VDSL Vectoring, and much more:

This is a special device where some developers have spend much time in the last years to get it working with OpenWrt. It have a working LCD-Screen in OpenWrt. Also a special OpenWrt boot animation for the bootloader exist.

What you would get: A free device send to your address to finally get this great OpenWrt router mainlined. The device would be already preinstalled with a prebuild OpenWrt image.
Current state: Wifi is kind of working, everything else is working fine. You can configute if you want two lantiq CPU cores active and no phone line working or one core for phone and one core for normal system. With the 512MB ROM you can install asterisk and many other things and with the LCD color screen you can display what you like. The 128MB RAM make all of this possible. USB for external hard disk (NAS, rtorrent, ... )is also there.

What i hope to reach with spending time to buy, install all the devices and then send them for free to developers:
This device get finally merged upstream. In OpenWrt 22.03-rc4 the latest Lantiq VDSL vectoring patches got backported for OpenWrt stable releases. The easybox 904xdsl have way too good hardware to not be supported by OpenWrt. The wifi is not the main issue, its the missing upstream support. Even without wifi mainline OpenWrt would be a huge benefit.

I am contacting the known OpenWrt lantiq developers with following email address: openwrt-donations-904xdsl at
Also other already active (some device ported, ...) OpenWrt developers could send me a mail if i have not already send them a mail.

Famous threads that affect the device:

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