[PATCH v2 0/5] realtek: remove sys-led from setup.c

Sander Vanheule sander at svanheule.net
Tue Jun 7 02:48:25 PDT 2022

Defining how the system LED is set up, and configuring the sys-led pin
mux should be done using devictree info. Currently the toggle rate is
set up unconditionally in the setup.c platform file. This may simply be
pointless, if the pin is used as GPIO, or may wreak havoc on devices
using the sys-led peripheral to control something else than an LED.

Changes in v2:
  - Use correct pinmux register for RTL931x
  - Update description on patch removing setup code

Sander Vanheule (5):
  realtek: add missing gpio0 pinctrl properties
  realtek: add sys-led disable pinctrl for rtl930x
  realtek: add mux pinctrl for rtl931x
  realtek: add system LED for ZyXEL XGS1250-12
  realtek: remove hardcoded sys-led configurations

 .../dts-5.10/rtl8380_netgear_gigabit.dtsi     |  3 ++
 .../dts-5.10/rtl8382_d-link_dgs-1210.dtsi     |  3 ++
 .../dts-5.10/rtl8382_inaba_aml2-17gp.dts      |  3 ++
 .../dts-5.10/rtl9302_zyxel_xgs1250-12.dts     | 21 ++++++++++
 target/linux/realtek/dts-5.10/rtl930x.dtsi    | 15 +++++++
 target/linux/realtek/dts-5.10/rtl931x.dtsi    | 19 +++++++++
 .../files-5.10/arch/mips/rtl838x/setup.c      | 40 -------------------
 7 files changed, 64 insertions(+), 40 deletions(-)


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