[PATCH v1 0/5] realtek: remove sys-led from setup.c

Sander Vanheule sander at svanheule.net
Tue Jun 7 00:50:10 PDT 2022

Defining how the system LED is set up, and configuring the sys-led pin
mux should be done using devictree info. Currently this is set up
unconditionally in the setup.c platform file, which may wreak havoc on
devices using the sys-led peripheral as somehting else than a user GPIO.

This series add the required info to the devicetree files, and finally
removes the setup code.

Sander Vanheule (5):
  realtek: add missing gpio0 pinctrl properties
  realtek: add sys-led disable pinctrl for rtl930x
  realtek: add sys-led disable pinctrl for rtl931x
  realtek: add system LED for ZyXEL XGS1250-12
  realtek: remove hardcoded sys-led configurations

 .../dts-5.10/rtl8380_netgear_gigabit.dtsi     |  3 ++
 .../dts-5.10/rtl8382_d-link_dgs-1210.dtsi     |  3 ++
 .../dts-5.10/rtl8382_inaba_aml2-17gp.dts      |  3 ++
 .../dts-5.10/rtl9302_zyxel_xgs1250-12.dts     | 21 ++++++++++
 target/linux/realtek/dts-5.10/rtl930x.dtsi    | 15 +++++++
 target/linux/realtek/dts-5.10/rtl931x.dtsi    | 14 +++++++
 .../files-5.10/arch/mips/rtl838x/setup.c      | 40 -------------------
 7 files changed, 59 insertions(+), 40 deletions(-)


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