[PATCH 3/3] ramips: hlk-7621a-evb: rename switch ports

Reinhard Max reinhard at m4x.de
Thu Jun 2 10:42:54 PDT 2022


I would like to ask for a discussion and/or decision on this one.

Am 13.04.2022 13:42, schrieb Reinhard Max:
> Rename the switch ports from 'lan[1..4]' and 'wan' to 'p[0..4]'. This
> matches the SoC documentation and the silkscreen for the port LEDs on
> the module. There is no LAN/WAN labeling on the board itself.
> This eval board is so universal (many additional interfaces broken out
> on pin headers, mPCIe slot, USB, etc.) that chances are high that is
> being used for other things than a traditional LAN/WAN router, and then
> the 'wan' naming of the 5th port might get into the way, so better 
> stick
> with the SoC naming.


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