ath79: ar9344_mikrotik_routerboard: drop runnig LED alias

Tomasz Maciej Nowak tmn505 at
Mon Jul 25 08:18:08 PDT 2022

W dniu 22.07.2022 o 11:31, Thibaut VARÈNE pisze:
> From: Thibaut VARENE <hacks at>
> Please don't do this.
> The rationale has been already explained here:
> The gist of it is: the power LED alone cannot disambiguate a powered-on
> device from a properly operating one. It also breaks "established standard"
> on all other mikrotik devices.

Thanks, for voicing Your opinion, this is exactly why I made it a separate
commit. TBF the Power LED is also controlled by GPIO, so it should not be
difficult to move the current state display to it and keep the User LED for
users to decide what to do with it. But as You reasoned, it was like that
from the "beginning" and I agree with it, it's not great to break something
that users are used to. I'll drop the patch from patchwork queue.

> T.

Regards, Tomek

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