Switch issues and CI to GitHub

Sergey Ponomarev stokito at gmail.com
Tue Jan 25 08:56:04 PST 2022

+1 for a GitHub
+1 for GitLab
+1 for a self hosting GitLab
+1 for joining to any existing OS hosting
-1 for plain emails.

As a contributor but not a core developer I would like to ask. Please
tell me honestly. Is the send-patch approach just an IQ test?
Because I failed it :)
My few patches that I sent are just lost somewhere.
Yes, I already know about the patchwork (or how it was called?) but I
remember that I missed a NULL check in one place but decided not to
send a new update patch just because it's too boring.
So if you ever decide to apply the "[PATCH] --header option to pass
additional raw HTTP header" please let me know and I'll update it.

I tried to contribute on a Weekend and I had only an hour or two while
my child was sleeping but I wasted all my time configuring git
I clearly understand that OpenWrt developers mightn't receive many PRs
with a poor quality but still this makes many enthusiasts to be
involved and increase a trust to the code base.

Speaking of which hosting is to choose I really agree with all
concerns, even about the LibreJS. And I'm certain that one day we'll
have distributed/federated git hostings and comments from one system
will be seen by participants in other systems. They are actively
developed and this is just a matter of time when they become useful
enough. Note that users also need some time to "grow" their skills.
For many Junior developers the GitHub is a synonym of Git.
At the same time the "centralised" way when many users are already on
GitHub even today makes a lot of benefits. We can grow a community and
then move to any other place.

Speaking about GitHub and access to it from sanctioned territories
this is a really big concern. I live in Ukraine but I am going to
visit my friend in Crimea for her wedding.
And the official GitHub app may detect my location and I'll be blocked
even if I as a Ukrainian citizen visited a Ukrainian territory.
In my previous work I had two colleagues who often visited their
relatives in Crimea.
But let's be honest: that's not only GitHub but any website in the US
or in NATO countries, and not only in countries that practice blocking
like Myanmar.
In any country there is potentially a risk of getting blocked. Except
for Sealand, maybe only Mongolia and Uruguay don't use blocking until.
So even hosting on GitHub may be a "good enough" option.


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