Switch issues and CI to GitHub

Paul Oranje por at oranjevos.nl
Tue Jan 11 09:57:48 PST 2022

Op 9 jan. 2022, om 19:16 heeft Arne Zachlod <arne at nerdkeller.org> het volgende geschreven:
> On 1/7/22 10:34, Paul Spooren wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Back at the Hamburg meeting in 2019 and a succeeding vote we decided to migrate over to a self-hosted GitLab instance. Some years passed and nothing really happened so I’d like to give this another go.
>> None of the OpenWrt project members is willing to setup and maintain a GitLab instance and there were multiple vetos again gitlab.com.
> Hi,
> I just wanted to ask what the concerns against gitlab.com were in this meeting, and if they still apply now, more than 2 years later?
> Maybe it would be a good compromise to go to gitlab instead of github, because that way we keep the option to migrate to a self hosted instance in case something goes wrong?
> Arne

LWN has noticeably written about the uncomfortable feelings associated with depending on non-free services:
see https://lwn.net/Articles/879697/ sub "Use of centralized, proprietary services will be a bone of contention in 2022"


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