[PATCH 19.07] feeds.conf.default: remove freifunk feed

Nick vincent at systemli.org
Mon Feb 28 04:17:02 PST 2022

On 2/28/22 10:04, Paul Spooren wrote:

> Anyway, if the Freifunk community itself finds it to be useless, let’s drop it.
I don't think it's useless to combine Freifunk and OpenWrt. I don't know 
why people pulled for example the freifunk luci mod out of OpenWrt Luci 
Feed. Now we don't benefit anymore from tree-wide changes. I had a hard 
time converting the mod to 19.07 and then 21.02 (thanks a lot to jow who 
supported me). From my side of view, we lack maintainer power, to allow 
us to follow each tree-wide change and apply them. However, I think 
OpenWrt especially benefits from all Freifunk-Communities, since we do 
maintenance, testing, and development. For example I am part of Freifunk 
Berlin (however, we have 3(?) different "firmwares" right now).
Freifunk communities often rely on the "openwrt routing feed". In my 
view, it consists only of two real active maintenance (mwarning and me 
and maybe some more). Now thankfully BKPepe and neheb help to maintain 
the feed and get it into a good-looking shape. There is a lot of power 
in the community package repository. Somehow more and more stuff is 
maintained from my side I never planned to do so. For example, I 
currently maintain OLSR. I would be very happy if we could upstream 
again more wireless community mesh-specific packages to OpenWrt and get 
more help with maintenance. So that in the end, more resources are free 
to develop and test more.
Some people in Berlin switched to an "ansiblification" of the most 
important backbone places in our network, that completely builds on 
normal OpenWrt [0] utilizing the image builders. So at least some 
Freifunk don't use their own make system modification. I always argue to 
make things more generalized so all people using OpenWrt can benefit 
from it, and we don't have to write the same code (or even maintain the 
same packages) multiple times, e.g. tunneldigger.

Overall, instead of maintaining a separate feed for Freifunk where we 
also have to maintain the CIs and so on, I would argue for more packages 
in openwrt/packages and openwrt/luci. It is not about all the "uci 
config defaults" that are in the Freifunk repository. In my view, we 
need to just generate default configs differently, like we already do in 
ansible and feed them into the imagebuilder. It is about packages that 
have some more functionality, like showing mesh routing protocols on the 
front page, building WireGuard tunnels, etc. ... So remove the Freifunk 
Repository, but let's work/maintain together.


[0] - https://github.com/freifunk-berlin/bbb-configs

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