AW: [PATCH 0/7] lantiq: initial support for x490 Fritzboxes

kestrel1974 at kestrel1974 at
Fri Feb 11 14:39:49 PST 2022


I have created a new PR:

Which also includes a remote processor framework kernel module, which
has not been sent upstream yet. But it could be the basis to make wifi
or the secondary SoC work too.
It still misses a way of configuring the wifi part, but that can be scripted and
will neither added nor covered by this PR, because its a separate topic and
likely belongs to a feeds package.

Looking at your submitted patches, many fritzbox devices have different
NAND manufacturers. So the best way is to support all.
I created a DTB and image configuration for Micron and non Micron NAND.
This is probably the best way and not supporting just one NAND type per
device. Unfortunately auto detection was not accepted by the kernel
maintainers, so there is no other solution.

I also saw the addition of ubifs. I have not used this so far and I wonder
what the advantage is over using squashfs with overlay?

But maybe you can help working on the PR. Maybe you can have a look
if I forgot something.

Betreff: [PATCH 0/7] lantiq: initial support for x490 Fritzboxes
Datum: 2022-02-02T13:48:05+0100
Von: "Torsten Duwe" <duwe at>
An: "openwrt-devel at" <openwrt-devel at>

With the latest advancements, especially the move to kernel-5.10,
basic support for the {3,5,7}490 Fritz!Boxes has become rather low
hanging fruit. Building on the previous research done by Andreas
B��hler (subscribed here), Daniel Kestrel (Cc'ed) and others, I
identified and collected all the pieces, verified and fixed the detail
information as far as I could, and refined the changes into a
hopefully acceptable patch set.

The hardware telephony on the {5,7}490 remains unsupported, of course.
The WiFi on these systems is moved to a secondary SoC; some effort has
been made to build an appropriate OpenWRT image for that as well in
one run, but I'm ignoring that here for simplicity's sake. The extra
image is a major step, which should rather be discussed and postponed,
and should IMHO not hinder the inclusion of these devices. Neither did
I consider performance patches yet.

On the plus side, thanks to the DSA move in Linux mainline, all 4 LAN
ports can be used now. Likewise, the USB3 ports are working, once an
xHCI firmware blob is provided [1].

These patches are tested on 7490 and 3490, one specimen each. I can't
verify the 5490 fiber box, but I include it here because of the
similarity. Any feedback is appreciated. Especially the GPIO lines and
switch ports remain to be filled in at the DTS. The 7490 I have uses a
Micron NAND chip with 128k PEBs and 2k IO size. The 3490 has a Toshiba
Chip with 256k PEBs and 4k IO. Anybody with a different combination
please speak up!



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