[PATCH] ramips: support TP-Link EAP615-Wall

Nathan Lutchansky lutchann at litech.org
Fri Feb 4 10:54:21 PST 2022

On 2/4/22 1:05 PM, Stijn Tintel wrote:
> On 29/01/2022 15:03, Sander Vanheule wrote:
>> Is this the partition layout as defined in partition-table, or the runtime one from
>> /proc/mtd? We've noticed they can be different, and the runtime one is actually the one
>> that should be used in order to not erase the stock configuration.
> I honestly don't recall, and I don't have an unmodified EAP615-Wall
> anymore. Can anyone get me that runtime OEM partition layout?

I've got a new EAP615-Wall on the way, but due to the winter storms here 
in the eastern US, it won't be here until Monday. When it arrives I can 
check.  -Nathan

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