[PATCH 0/7] lantiq: initial support for x490 Fritzboxes

Torsten Duwe duwe at lst.de
Wed Feb 2 04:44:21 PST 2022

With the latest advancements, especially the move to kernel-5.10,
basic support for the {3,5,7}490 Fritz!Boxes has become rather low
hanging fruit. Building on the previous research done by Andreas
Böhler (subscribed here), Daniel Kestrel (Cc'ed) and others, I
identified and collected all the pieces, verified and fixed the detail
information as far as I could, and refined the changes into a
hopefully acceptable patch set.

The hardware telephony on the {5,7}490 remains unsupported, of course.
The WiFi on these systems is moved to a secondary SoC; some effort has
been made to build an appropriate OpenWRT image for that as well in
one run, but I'm ignoring that here for simplicity's sake. The extra
image is a major step, which should rather be discussed and postponed,
and should IMHO not hinder the inclusion of these devices. Neither did
I consider performance patches yet.

On the plus side, thanks to the DSA move in Linux mainline, all 4 LAN
ports can be used now. Likewise, the USB3 ports are working, once an
xHCI firmware blob is provided [1].

These patches are tested on 7490 and 3490, one specimen each. I can't
verify the 5490 fiber box, but I include it here because of the
similarity. Any feedback is appreciated. Especially the GPIO lines and
switch ports remain to be filled in at the DTS. The 7490 I have uses a
Micron NAND chip with 128k PEBs and 2k IO size. The 3490 has a Toshiba
Chip with 256k PEBs and 4k IO. Anybody with a different combination
please speak up!


[1] https://forum.openwrt.org/t/2071

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