ZTE MF286R modem support

Lech Perczak lech.perczak at gmail.com
Thu Apr 28 15:20:59 PDT 2022

W dniu 2022-04-23 o 22:32, Hauke Mehrtens pisze:
> On 4/16/22 22:26, Lech Perczak wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Recently my PR #9670 [1] which includes fixes needed to support 
>> built-in modem of ZTE MF286R router was merged to master. The 
>> (incomplete) support for MF286R landed together with MF286A before 
>> branching off 22.03 release.
>> I'd be grateful if fixes from [1] could be cherry-picked to 22.03, 
>> for MF286R to have full support in that release.
>> Required commits are c99013e, b2940bb, ed79578 and e02fb42, a67629b 
>> is optional, but would be beneficial if another variant of the modem 
>> is found, with different interface configuration - that may require 
>> to override the autodetection results. Also, skipping that patch can 
>> yield merge conflicts.
>> [1] https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/pull/9670
> Hi,
> I ported the changes to OpenWrt 22.03 branch. I will also add the new 
> change you posted some hours ago.
> Hauke

Hi Hauke,

Thanks for backporting these changes. I noticed that 
8a1003c5986514d7a78f78b3ee94003837d82582 is still missing on 22.03 
branch, so a kind reminder :-)

Kind regards,

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