[PATCH 1/3] ramips: hlk-7621a-evb: remove WiFi support

Reinhard Max reinhard at m4x.de
Wed Apr 20 09:57:56 PDT 2022

Am 17.04.2022 15:36, schrieb Hauke Mehrtens:

> Is there a Mediatek eeprom at this location?

I would guess so, by comparing the content with a device that does have 
on-board WiFi.

> If there is normally real eeprom data then we should probably us it if
> someone put the correct card in.

Please correct me if I am wrong, but I think a removable mPCIe card is 
always required to have its own EEPROM, which should be more accurate 
for that particular card than anything that happens to be on the flash 
of the SoC module it happens to get connected to.

I don't know what information is exactly contained in that (emulated) 
EEPROM, but I would expect stuff that depends on the circuitry around 
the WiFi chip, such as antenna configuration, LED existance and 
polarity, but it might even contain HF calibration data that is specific 
to a particular copy of the chip.

I guess that this EEPROM data is only there by accident, because some 
SDK or BSP from MediaTek happens to have it there by default, configured 
for some common WiFi chip, and the module manufacturer did not bother to 
disable it, although it is not really needed.


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